Micromax Following the Footsteps of Samsung

This Article is a Personal Perception of things around mobile market in India. I personally have owned a Samsung Device (Galaxy Series) and Micromax Device (YU Brand)

Micromax was a rising star in the Indian smartphone markets in the last year, which dethroned the star – Samsung –  at that time to lead the smartphone industry in. Now i feel it is doing the same mistakes which led to downfall of Samsung highlighted below:

  • Poor Quality of Hardware: Initially Samsung produced quality phoned which had a very few incidents of problems being reported. As they climbed the ladder of popularity, the only importance lied in selling stuffs rather than quality. Number of Complaints on the devices increased gradually. Also false advertisement of the Hardware specifications (Example in case of my device advertised RAM was 512 MB and RAM Present was 396 MB). Now coming to Micromax, it is also following same footsteps in terms of hardware – Lot of devices have heating issues which is not resolved.
  • Poor Quality of Service: Most of the Samsung Service Centers i have visited, either of the following have occurred, Micromax is also on the same path (They had promised pickup of mobile phones for Servicing and Repair with YU Phones, Now when inquired they came with some stupid reasons)
    • Unable to Deliver as promised
    • The Senior Executive in the Service Center are Rude
    • The Senior Executive in the Service Center have no knowledge of the device he is servicing/ Repairing.
    • Lot of to-and-fro to the service center to solve a single issue
    • Lot of Waiting time in the Service Center
  • No Software upgrades (Even promised Upgrades are not delivered): I have never seen people receiving a software upgrade in a Samsung phones (apart from flagships) Even when they do release most of the devices are broken (they become slow or some other issue rise which was non existent before). Same is the case of Micromax (Example : My device was supposed to get a 5.0.2 upgrade – as per the ad announced, its announced in market some 5 months back but I have not got it. Every time contacting Customer care (6 times), give the same answer – Please wait for two more weeks, the devices are getting upgraded according to Serial number wise)

I feel that this is the time that Micromax to wake up and address all these issues to keep its dominant in the very intensive Indian Market. Also, this techgig article highlights the other issue face by Micromax.


About jagannaths

A technology professional, with hands-on experience on virtualization (VMware) , wired and wireless (Cellular - LTE) networking infrastructure.
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