VMware Host Client – First Impressions

VMware has released VMware ESXi 6.0 U2 with host of new features recently and Host Client seems to be a feature most of us were waiting for many days and should have been done many times ago when they released the web-client for vCenter. Nevertheless it is welcomed with open hands all over. This post targets the first impressions of the same and is divided into

  • Walk-through
  • Advantages
  • Areas of improvement


This is a simple walk-through on how to use Host Client. Open a browser of your choice (Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox works very well) and enter the IP address (or Domain Name if the DNS is properly configured) of the machine installed with  VMware ESXi 6.0 U2 as shown below


The following Summary page appears (as it used to), with an extra field added to it for accessing the Host Client (shown below)Capture

We get a login Screen, Login with root as username, and password provided while installation, the message box appears for Customer Experience Improvement Program (first login only) where you can wish to join the same or not using the check box provided on the message box.


After Clicking on OK, we get a home page (Which i call a one page interface) having all things we need to Create, configure & manage a single ESXi host as shown below.



The main advantage we see with the Host Client is that there is no mode dependence on the windows based client for accessing the Standalone ESXi Servers which is huge plus for Small Businesses and Branch offices managing couple of servers. Though with the release of 6.0 the dependence on windows based client reduced even for installation of vCenter, there were large audience(like me) who were more comfortable with the windows client for managing couple of servers.Also with the release of host client, there is no more dependence on Windows machine as the same can be managed with the web browser of any Linux machine as well.

The interface is pretty neat and fast. I would call it a one page interface, no more multiple clicks to reach a particular page, one page you have all the things required at your disposal as shown in the home page screenshot above

Improvement areas

Particular thing which caught my attention was that there are no search filters anywhere (incidentally the same was missing in the Windows Client as well) . For Example consider the following image, it is a snapshot of the Advanced setting tab in the Host ClientCapture7

It is clear that the number of items in the list in more than 1000 but to change a particular setting we need to do a manual search.


All in all it is a good move by VMware introducing the host client. Look forward for more features to be added in future releases.

Note: I have Blurred/removed the host specific Information in the Blog as it is not relevant



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